Industry Solutions



A notable competency of Fortitude are our developed solutions for commercial and industrial operations.  These solutions combine Fortitude’s expertise of project management, fuel supply, and financing.  The application of these solutions to the transportation sector delivers tremendous results. In particular Fortitude delivers CNG and LNG solutions for the mining, transportation, shipping and remote electricity generation industries.

Mining:  High-tonnage mining trucks and their fleet of transport can reduce their costs significantly, making use of liquefied natural gas instead of diesel.

Transportation: Compressed natural gas is delivered in applications for passenger/cargo transport over short distances. Liquid natural gas is delivered in applications for transport of freight over long distances that require maximum autonomy in a vehicle.

Shipping:  Replace existing fuel in vessels with liquified natural gas, that have predictable paths and are looking for savings and reduction of emissions

Remote electricity Generation: Economic and efficient generation of electricity in remote locations where there are no natural gas pipelines. With Fortitude it is possible to liquefy natural gas at the pipeline and transport it in cryogenics tanks to the point of consumption.


Two significant forces in Mexico: fuel costs and environment make Fortitude’s Industry Solutions a must have in all cases in which it is applicable.  Our industry solutions save costs from the first liter of application, while dramatically improving environmental conditions.  Without question in Mexico replacing diesel and fuel oil is of substantial value to the enterprise, which accomplishes this transition.  Fortitude is here to help.

  • Use natural resources and clean energy
  • Long-term economic benefits
  • Long-term environmental benefits
  • Reasonable cost,
  • Suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications
The Fortitude Advantage

Fortitude delivers a comprehensive solution, not just fuel or equipment. Our industry application experts fully understand the commercial and industrial operations for which our solutions have been defined.  We have partnered with appropriate 3rd parties to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions.  Additionally, we bring to the solution the necessary permitting, utility interface, engineering, financing and project management.

Fortitude Deliverables

Mexico’s ever increasing costs for diesel and fuel oil when coupled with the country’s legislated environmental goals mandates solutions that bring value in terms of cost savings to industry, while improving the environmental impact of these business.  This is exactly what is accomplished with Fortitude’s Industry Solutions.

  • Delivered low cost natural gas
  • Conversion to compressed or liquefied gas
  • Engine conversion equipment
  • Turnkey solution
  • Financing
  • Industry experts
  • Project management
  • Equipment maintenance
Working Together

Irrespective at what stage you are at in the development of the project or  the area of contribution to the project in which you would like to participate, Fortitude welcomes the opportunity to engage. The commercial terms for the projects with which we are associated are varied and the opportunity to participate in the process of delivering projects continuously evolves.  We welcome all discussion on Win-Win partnerships.