Project Development



Our comprehensive Project Management program is applied from the initial concept of a project to throughout commercial operations. This includes among other activities: Technical Assessment, Project Risk Analysis, Proposal Review, Regulatory Compliance and Contracting



Opportunities have been selected and structured to achieve on-time delivery of expected financial cash flows. The major obstacles of financing and regulatory issues are resolved.  Each opportunity has been vetted for its commercial viability.  The methodological implication of the process results in meeting each unique stakeholder’s requirements.

  • Investment ready packaged opportunity
  • Complete financials
  • Structured process
  • In-Country assets
The Fortitude Advantage

An elite cross-functional team has been put in place with the focused goal of delivering energy and infrastructure projects in Mexico.  An “on-the-ground” national Mexico team leverages years of personal relationship with government and private industry. Members and associates have contributed and assisted in the writing of the new energy reform laws in Mexico.  These resources work daily with their other teammates who represent global energy and investment funds.  Fortitude literally translates Mexico project development opportunities into Wall Street investment vehicles.

Fortitude Deliverables

Fortitude projects are exceptional because of the cross functional deliverables that are produced.  In working with fortitude the following occurs:

  • Provide guidance through experience for critical path success
  • Manage all external parties
  • Identify all necessary information for project development
  • Review and provide feedback on all documents
  • Prepare contracts on related documents used for internal and external use
  • Establish guidelines and criteria for the project strategy and structure
  • Produce financial model and marketing material for prospective capital provider
  • Work with capital provider through the funding process (Memorandum of Understanding, Letter of Intent, Transaction Documents)
  • Identify and negotiate with EPC and O&M parties
  • Provide regulatory guidance on all measures
  • Identify and structure process for fulfilling contractual obligations of the power purchase agreement
Working Together

Irrespective at what stage you are at in the development of the project or the area of contribution to the project in which you would like to participate, Fortitude welcomes the opportunity to engage. The commercial terms for the projects with which we are associated are varied and the opportunity to participate in the process of delivering projects continuously evolves.  We welcome all discussion on Win-Win partnerships.