Natural gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon that exists and its use in replacing other hydrocarbons brings tremendous benefits to Mexico. Acquiring this vital resource in Mexico is dependent on the particulars of Mexico’s natural gas pipeline infrastructure, trans-border pipelines, the national pricing hubs and interoperating with the Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural (CENAGAS). Fortitude brings expert capability to the purchase and delivery of natural gas in Mexico.  Beyond the purchasing and delivery of natural gas Fortitude brings to the table “Best In Class” CNG and LNG capabilities.  These capabilities extend the benefit of natural gas beyond the current infrastructure limitations.

There are requirements beyond natural gas with regard to fuels and Fortitude is there to assist.  Whether the requirement be gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, or bio-diesel Fortitude is there to deliver fuels wholesale to our partners.


Fortitude supports our clients with a proven process for risk management around the price volatility of fuels.  Our program incorporates appropriate price inputs modeled to achieve expected outcomes.  With relationships among many primary suppliers the best prices are obtained.

  • Experienced fuels risk mangers
  • USA fuel delivery to Mexico locations
  • Low cost, extremely competitive prices
  • Mexico natural gas market expertise
The Fortitude Advantage

Fortitude’s experienced fuel managers integrate directly into your supply-chain, using our refined risk management programs to help you with your fuel purchases. Fortitude understands that cost effective supply solutions are critical to our partners businesses.  You are able to purchase spot pricing or lock in future fuel prices or a combination of both depending on your requirements.  In addition with our integrated supply chain solutions we are able to assist with inventory, tank monitoring and automatic refills of required fuels.

Point to point delivery with flexible purchasing options, all of which are low cost, integration into your supply chain, quality and a commitment to your organization represents Fortitude’s fuel offering.

Fortitude Deliverables

Fortitude provides discount fuel to commercial, government and wholesale customers.  Commercially we service the trucking, construction, railroad, mining, shipping and manufacturing industries.  Utilities and private fleets are our specialty.  In the market we are both a contract and spot provider of fuels.

  • Risk Management
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Inventory management
  • Route Optimization
Working Together

Irrespective at what stage you are at in the development of the project or  the area of contribution to the project in which you would like to participate, Fortitude welcomes the opportunity to engage. The commercial terms for the projects with which we are associated are varied and the opportunity to participate in the process of delivering projects continuously evolves.  We welcome all discussion on Win-Win partnerships.