Fortitude provides funding products to companies and government for energy and infrastructure projects. Fortitude’s special added value is our cross-functional, cross-border team, which uniquely delivers bankable commercially structured projects for investment. Fortitude advises throughout the entire life-cycle of the project and helps manage the strategic, commercial, technical, geographic, and political, issues related to the success of a project.

Fortitude helps develop “Investment Ready” projects by bringing our experience to the strategy of the project, helping to define the projects’ mission and goals.  We bring to the development a focus on optimizing efficiency, exploring the value chain, strengthening the balance sheet, shoring up the credit and managing the risks.  In a very structured process we delivery properly structured projects that achieve the goals of all participating shareholders.


Our experience in structured finance, equity and debt capital markets, senior debt, mezzanine and hybrid commercial structures provides our clients with unprecedented value in funding projects.

  • Expertise in financing energy & infrastructure projects
  • Expertise in Mexico’s energy market
  • Access to various funding sources
  • Network of cross-border, cross-functional resources
The Fortitude Advantage

Ultimately Fortitude delivers value to the marketplace with the projects that are financed.  Mexico customers receive low cost energy from both fossil fuel and renewable generation sources.  With Fortitude these financed energy projects are not only providing competitively priced energy to the marketplace, but Fortitude causes the delivery of this power directly to the “load entity” (customer). To be clear Fortitude causes the delivery of low cost energy to customers under Mexico’s new energy market, the Mercado Eléctrico Mayorista (MEM).

Fortitude’s Financing helps develop the energy infrastructure, further delivering value to the marketplace.  Long-term assets are the platform for long term economic growth.

Fortitude Deliverables

Fortitude is your financial partner!  We don’t sit across the table we stand by your side.

  •  Resources to meet cross-border challenges
  • Structured finance and securitization
  • Project development advisory services
  • Project development capital for early-stage projects
  • Power marketing/origination expertise for proposals, contract negotiations and compliance
  • Project finance and M&A support
  • Procurement support for renewable energy power purchasers
  • Energy Project Finance
  • Senior first lien debt, unitranche
  • Construction and term
  • Reserve Based Lending
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Capital markets and syndication support
  • Bid support
  • Asset-based Lending
  • Syndicated/performing senior debt
  • Customized senior debt including stretched senior and Unitranche
  • Junior and holdco debt
  • Customized structures (e.g. combined senior, mezzanine, preferred or common equity investments)
  • Balance sheet restructurings and exit financings
  • Acquisition financing or dividends
  • Structured equity
Working Together

Irrespective at what stage you are at in the development of the project or  the area of contribution to the project in which you would like to participate, Fortitude welcomes the opportunity to engage. The commercial terms for the projects with which we are associated are varied and the opportunity to participate in the process of delivering projects continuously evolves.  We welcome all discussion on Win-Win partnerships.